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An Introduction

The formation of Cutlass by a group of senior industry executives, is in direct response to the increasing market need for a professional-manned guarding company, which has a clear appreciation of customer requirements with a focus on providing a high-quality man-guarding operation, at an affordable cost.

With increasing evidence of dis-satisfaction from those customers who require a quality service, with an ever-decreasing choice of quality organisations operating within the manned-guarding industry, Cutlass believes itself to be in an excellent position to both offer and provide a reliable, high quality, service, at a very affordable price.

Cutlass will harvest the knowledge and experience of its management team, in order to deliver bespoke solutions for its valued customers. Best practice, and a commitment to Continuous Service Improvement, are the hallmarks of the Cutlass approach. With an acute understanding of the importance of ensuring value for money, Cutlass will also maintain overhead costs at an absolute minimum, only passing on costs to customers from which they will directly benefit.

Independent, experienced, and professional, Cutlass is, perfectly positioned to provide customers with tailor-made security guarding (and related) services, on either a call-off, or ongoing, basis. The underlying philosophy will be one of Cutlass providing a bespoke service, through tangible improvements to the quality of service delivery, whilst continuously seeking to reduce ongoing costs.

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The 7 Cutlass Principles of Excellent Customer Service Delivery

The Seven Cutlass principles of “Excellent Service Delivery” will underpin the delivery of best practice in support of the Cutlass philosophy as follows

C Commitment To provide “Cutting Edge Security at a Sharp Price”
U Understanding An awareness of what is important to Cutlass customers
T Trust In everything that Cutlass does
L Leadership Providing the highest level of service delivery management
A Assurance Delivery of a consistent and reliable service
S Speed Delivery at Maximum speed, but with continuous attention to detail
S Surprise From “under promising, and over delivering” (The Cutlass Way)

These principles will act as the key pillars of the Cutlass Customer Service Strategy. This highlights how we at Cutlass will differentiate ourselves within the manned guarding industry.