Highly Affordable and Trustworthy Drug Detection in London by Cutlass Security

The presence of any sort of drugs at workplaces is a normal hazard you may face if you are running a large organization or commercial setup. It can bring you under strict legal monitoring and restrictions hence you must check for any such suspicious activity that can be risky for your repo. At Cutlass Security
we provide top-notch services for drug detection in London at affordable rates. We have specially trained sniff canines for that purpose handled by proficient trainers.

Our Procedure for Drug Detection

Analysis of every service activity, threat, hazard and regulation procedures makes it possible for our security personnel to work safely and securely for drug detection. Complying with the controls of the trainer specifically, every single dog recruited by us points out the existence of drugs by providing a
static cue at the suspicious spot.

All our processes are up to the mark and standard checked so that nothing suspicious, especially drugs, escape our dog search no matter how concealed it is. We employ sanctioned unlawful drug samples regulated by the UK Home Office for dog training objectives and make use of techniques that are meant to be successful. Each of our Drug Detection Dog has successfully passed top-level evaluation criteria and is liable to continuous surveillance and productivity inspections throughout the year.

Our Dog Trainers

Our highly proficient dog trainers are likewise exceptionally certified, seasoned and adeptly educated in the field of drug detection in London. Records of their overall service accomplishments are proof to the top quality of the training sessions they have gone through at Cutlass Security.

Places We Check for Drugs

There is no single place we are not capable of search, open-air areas like a market place, parking lots, celebrational occasions, festivities and much more might be the target of drug abuse. If you own any such place you can save yourself from embarrassment by hiring our services for drug check. Our detection dog checks comply with all the modern standards. Our dog handlers have the even experience necessary to work at high profile and VIP areas.

Our highly trained sniffer dog and their handlers can fully deal with all sort of situations in any kind of surroundings. Automobiles, vehicles, trucks, bikes, properties, industrial premises, manufacturing facilities, aeroplanes, watercraft and ships are all the subject of sniffer dog drug detection searches.

Starting with treatment units to business facilities, drug detection sniffer canines work to discover illegal drugs. Our drug detection teams work at medical facilities, workplaces, manufacturing plants, bars, educational institutions, tech schools, resorts and other susceptible areas and work environments.

Contact Us

If you wish to know even more about our drug detection services or want to get a piece of information regarding how we train our drug detection sniffer dogs to detect the prohibited materials concealed in locations from bedrooms and dorm rooms to commercial properties, please contact us:
Tele: 020 8478 5669.
Email: info@cutlasssecurity.com