Employee Program

‘A Cut Above’ is the innovative Cutlass employment brand, shaping the way we communicate our aims, values and expected behaviours to our people throughout the company. Our people form the heart of our business and are proud to deliver ‘exceptional’ service as ambassadors for our customers on their sites.

We rely on our people. That’s why we have developed an industry leading benefits package, the opportunity for career progression and a comprehensive training and development programme.

This empowers us to recruit and thereafter retain highly talented individuals and ensures that they remain incentivised and motivated to deliver a first-class security service to our clients.

The following key areas underpin the ‘A Cut Above’ brand:

  • One Team approach
  • Effective Communication
  • Training & Development
  • Commitment & Contribution
  • Rewarding Excellent Service
  • Embracing change
  • Encourage innovation

To ensure that our employees provide the highest levels of service for our customers, we have developed the following training plan in line with the ‘A Cut Above’ values:

  • Our people have a great start with our induction programme aimed at sharing the Cutlass values that help with building a one team approach from day one
  • Our people have a 12 week Training Plan, focusing on training the Cutlass values, standard operating procedures and customers specific requirements.
  • Our people receive Effective communication, Enhanced Customer Service and Equality & Diversity modules that are exclusive to the Cutlass Training program.
  • Our people have an opportunity to sit and discuss their training needs on an ongoing basis, not just during appraisals.
  • Our people have access to a qualified Psychologist in the event of any work place incidents or matters in their personal life that may affect their performance within the work place, as well as access to specialised training around improvements to wellbeing and mindfulness.

In addition, Cutlass will recognise best practice and expert application of the Cutlass Commitment by our people via reward and recognition, culminating in the ‘A Cut Above’ awards ceremony at the end of each fiscal year.

If you’re interested, send your CV with covering letter in the first instance to: info@cutlasssecurity.com