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What you may not know is that in many cases, concierges are also highly trained security personnel who have full responsibility for the safety and security of guests in hotels. This is called hotel concierge security guarding.

At Cutlass Security Group, we believe this front-line role is the perfect opportunity to take on an additional responsibility of overseeing hotel security procedures that fits perfectly with the other duties of a Concierge.

A hotel concierge is expected to be knowledgeable about hotel security standards and protocols. He or she must be able to identify potential security threats and take the necessary steps to prevent them. The concierge is the first line of defence against crime in hotels and plays an important role in implementing security measures designed to keep employees and guests safe.

In addition to managing all aspects of guest security at hotels, they may also coordinate general emergency response; handling medical emergencies, fire evacuations, terrorist threats, and any other incidents that arise.

Our concierge security staff are trained to deal with all types of emergencies. Not only are they physically present, but they also act as the eyes and ears for the hotel by contacting hotel staff and alerting them to suspicious activity. Concierge security guards, while not armed, are still an impressive force. Their training and experience give them the tools they need to defuse tense situations and protect guests from harm.

As a hotel guest, you may not give much thought to front desk security personnel. However, these professionals play an important role in keeping guests and their property safe.

Concierge security staff work shifts that vary depending on the needs of the hotel. Generally, a shift lasts eight hours, but it can be longer if overtime is required to complete tasks. Concierge and security staff are on duty around the clock, so a constant shift change is required to cover day and night.

They are responsible not only for advising and assisting guests, but also for coordinating and maintaining a safe environment for guests and staff. They are expected to be knowledgeable of all security protocols relevant to the hotel. They must be able to identify potential security threats and take the necessary actions to prevent them.

Our staff is contracted, which means they ultimately work for us. This has several advantages for our customers. We handle all recruiting, background checks and high-level training.

A designated liaison officer works with the hotel to understand site-specific needs and prepare induction and training modules for hotel protocols and procedures.

We plan, support and oversee concierge security services to ensure clients have highly trained and reliable staff on site at all times.


Hotel concierge security is an important component of hotel security. Hotel concierges are often the first people guests see when they arrive at the hotel. Therefore, it is important that they are friendly and courteous to make guests feel welcome and comfortable.

They also need to pay attention to who is entering and leaving the building, especially if those people are carrying luggage or packages. Their duties may include checking IDs, conducting luggage inspections and screening metal detectors. This will prevent potential threats or unauthorised individuals from entering the hotel.

This requires interpersonal and communication skills that prevent visitors and guests from feeling like their privacy and personal space has been invaded during these necessary security checks. The combination of friendliness and authority is a difficult balance to achieve.

Security is one of the most important responsibilities of a hotel concierge. He or she is responsible for monitoring suspicious activity and keeping guests safe. However, in some cases, the security concierge may also be called upon to provide first aid, perform emergency evacuations, and direct communications as the primary liaison between the hotel and lawful services.

Concierge security may also be responsible for maintaining order on the premises by enforcing rules and regulations. Dealing with unruly or abusive visitors and guests requires self-control and the ability to resolve tense situations before they escalate.

A security guard must be confident, calm and authoritative under pressure. Dealing quickly and efficiently with all types of situations that may arise is the result of effective training combined with a level-headed personality.

Technology & Reporting
Operating CCTV monitoring stations, running digital switchboards, writing reports, and keeping digital records are important aspects of hotel security and concierge duties. The concierge security officer must be able to deliver night service to day staff with clear and concise reports.

Review of hotel security procedures may well rely on well-written and well-presented reports prepared by a security concierge. Our hiring and training processes ensure that our employees have the skills to prepare them to join your hotel with a minimum of site-specific training.


It’s a difficult task to control who enters a hotel. It becomes even more difficult when the hotel has facilities such as bars and restaurants that are open to the public. The right layout and surveillance systems, combined with a designated person to verify that everyone entering the hotel is authorised to do so, are increasingly important to overall security.

The question of how to do this in an appropriate manner is an age-old problem faced by hotels around the world. Strictly controlled access systems, both at the main entrances and in terms of key and key card control, are usually overseen by the concierge security service as part of its responsibility for the hotel’s security measures.

CCTV monitoring both inside and outside the building assists in early intervention. It is not unheard of for criminals to climb up the outside of the building to gain access through open balcony doors.

Antisocial behaviour encompasses a variety of aspects. From verbal and physical abuse to drunkenness and sexual assault, hotels are not immune.

A hotel strives to be a relaxed and welcoming place. When a drunk or angry person makes a scene, a quick and effective response helps minimise the negative impact and damage to reputation.

Our hotel security services include:

Immigration designated hotels

Doorman services, lobby concierge, and receptionist services

Security patrols of premises and surroundings (by foot, car, and/or bike)

24/7 surveillance monitoring (CCTV, etc.)

Emergency security services

Executive protection services for high profile guests and celebrities

Private investigation services for internal theft

Chaperone services for schools and large groups during hotel stays

Security consulting – risk assessment and recommendations

Security for special events at your hotel

We are available for one-off, ad-hoc, event cover, temporary, short-term or long term cover in the day or night or when your hotel staff/concierge cannot make their shift.

Our offices are open 24/7, 365 days a year allowing us to accommodate all last minute security requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to cover all hotels nationwide and not let our customers down, especially in an emergency situation.

Other Services Available

  • Event Security
  • Sporting Stadium Stewards
  • SIA Close Protection
  • Welfare Officers
  • Waking Watch Officers
  • Control Room Operation and Monitoring
  • Managed Access Control
  • Warehouse Officers
  • Car Park Management
  • Hotel Assisted Services
  • PTS/DTS Rail Operative
  • Safety Personnel
  • Traffic Marshalling
  • SIA CCTV Operation
  • Retail Officers
  • Construction Officers

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