Safety First

Cutlass is committed to providing a safe workplace. Accordingly, the Company emphasises “safety first.”

It is the responsibility of every Cutlass employee to take steps to promote safety in the workplace and work in a safe manner. By remaining safety conscious, employees can protect themselves and their co-workers. They must avoid taking any action that potentially threatens the health or safety of them self, other employees, Clients’ staff or any other members of the public.

We empathise via our own policies and Health & safety modules that we expect our employees to promptly report all unsafe working conditions, accidents and injuries, regardless of how minor so that any potential hazards can be corrected.

It is company policy to take all steps, as far as is reasonably practicable, to provide and maintain a safe environment for every employee in all aspects of their lives, not just the work place. The Company will take similar steps to ensure that the health & safety of the public is not jeopardised at any time by the actions of our employees.

Every employee is aware that they have a duty to co-operate with the company in ensuring that there is full compliance with all statutory regulations. Communicating to their line manager any hazards of which they become aware of in order that the appropriate action can be taken is a key part of the escalation process as standard. They will report any incident, which either has, or may have, resulted in an injury to them self or another employee.

The company’s Health & Safety Policy is explained during Induction training, and a copy included in all assignment instructions. In addition, a risk assessment is conducted by the company on the premises to which we are assigned and is also contained within the assignment instructions.

We share both the health & safety and security risk assessments as part of our customer sign off process and ensure all employees make themselves familiar with this Policy and the risk assessments, together with their own health & safety duties and responsibilities.

We ensure a full site induction is undertaken at no additional cost to our customers so that they are able to comply with the requirements of each customer location health & safety Policy and procedures when on site.

All managers and supervisors at all locations entrusted to Cutlass will be provided with certified Appointed person First Aid and Health & Safety at work training at BTEC level 2 or equivalent.