Cutlass prides itself on being able to provide a bespoke service to all our customers, and as such evidence of recent relevant training can be provided as part of any tender process for all employees. We provide as standard, continuous assessment training to all our employees as part of the “A Cut Above” initiative. These include Cutlass specialist modules, such as:

  • Company Induction
  • Effective communication
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Health & Safety
  • The Principles of Fire
  • Telephone Ettiquette

The Cutlass in-house training modules are provided in addition to the mandatory training each and every security professional will have attended as part of their SIA Private Security Industry certificated training. Where an SIA Industry related licence course has not been attended within the duration of the last licencing period, our empoyees are encouraged to attend refresher training to ensure all industry related training is current.

Our recruitment and selection policies are ridged and by the time our employees have successfully completed the in-house induction, we are satisfied they are competent and capable to work in the Security Industry.

Our training courses are delivered in a blend of lectures, discussion groups, workshops and practical role-playing scenarios, all of the above supported by video footage and demonstration materials, this is before any “on-site” training even takes place.

The programs are progressive and interactive, our guards are set challenges in a realistic working environment where they can put what they have learned to into practice, all under the expert guidance of our tutors.

Unfortunately, not all candidates make it through this process. We set our bar high and will maintain to do so. With a pass percentage of 75%, it is one of the highest in the industry and forms both freehand and multiple-choice questions.

Our view is when it comes to lives and operating life safety equipment, we will not stand over and pass someone who falls short of our High Standards, it is for this reason that upon successful completion we are comfortable with the knowledge that our staff have both the skillset and confidence to deal with even the most arduous of tasks.