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Business Security

Your business should have adequate security and safety procedures and staff should be made aware of them. This could be anything from a simple procedure like locking a delivery door immediately after deliveries, or a more complex procedure like using security staff or an alarm system.

Asset and land Security

Security threats to construction sites include the loss of valuable machinery, tools, fuel, materials, workers possessions and even loss of life should trespassers gain access to your site and disrupt areas of wiring or hazardous materials. Efficient security measures need to be considered in any construction site risk assessment

Personal Security

Good personal security should take into account both your work and home life and any measures you take should be appropriate to the perceived threat. If they are excessive, they may cause unnecessary inconvenience and stress; if they are insufficient, you may put yourself at risk.

Corporate and private property protection

The perimeter of any site is usually the most vulnerable point. Whether you are running a construction site, have a vacant property, or planning an event, your site boundaries present the highest risk factor of your premises where criminals can more easily gain entry without detection.

Manned Guarding

Cutlass specialises in the provision of uniformed and plain clothes security personnel for corporate locations, retail outlets, shopping centres, hotels, business parks, education, and government departments.

Front of House /Concierge services

Managing Front of House is all about the lasting first impression. In addition to our Reception Services we also provide Front of House staff to act in the capacity as concierge or as part of a licenced Security Service.

Event Stewards (stadium) Cutlass can provide NVQ Level 2 Stewards, for any sporting or music event. Stewards – known at some sports grounds as marshals – provide a direct and ongoing interaction between the ground management and spectators.

Festival Security Officers At Cutlass Security our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of all involved, from the festivalgoers to the performers and every member of staff. We are dedicated to keeping everyone safe and believe this is best achieved with a fun and friendly approach, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festival as meant to be. With our experience, we conduct several processes before and during the festival, from risk assessments to crowd management and clear communication.

High Value Goods – Escort

Cutlass Security Group can provide security escorts to protect your high value assets. All of our security escorts are highly experienced in this field, who have extensive experience of working worldwide. We can offer security only or provide a complete package including chartering of private aircraft and vehicles. Our staff can operate either in the UK, or for any requirements overseas.

Carrier Liability / INAD Returns

We supply the highest quality, fully trained, accredited escorts for carrier liability returns. Cutlass Security Group can operate from the UK or the hub where your base location is situated. Our security escorts use the most up to date and safest restraint system in the world, which has been approved for use on aircraft. All of our escorting officers have extensive experience in this field, and have operated globally for various carriers.

Unruly Passengers / Flight Security

There has been a dramatic rise in flight disruption by unruly passengers over the last few years, especially on certain routes and destinations. Cutlass Security Group can provide either overt or covert security operatives on these problematic routes. The cost for a level of security opposed to a flight diversion is far more cost effective to a business. Unruly and disruptive passenger incidents are one of the top 3 safety issues that concern cabin crew. Unruly passengers are a small minority, but their actions can have a disproportionate impact on others. Other flyers can have their journey disturbed and inconvenienced because of delays, missed connections and diversions. Overall, this can have a huge impact on holidays and important business meetings.

Consultancy Services

We offer a consultancy service on all aspects of use of force on aircraft, trains, and boats. We have undertaken numerous use of force awareness sessions for leading airlines. Our experienced consultants have been part of the team that advised the Home Office, on updating their use of force manuals. Cutlass Security Group can offer advice on all aspects of use of force including, recently our consultants have delivered awareness sessions in Nairobi, Qatar and Latvia to leading airlines.

Close Protection

Cutlass Security Group can provide any close protection requirements, and are personalised according to your individual needs. We carry out an initial risk assessment, taking the time to understand the level of involvement that is required, before expertly planning bespoke protocol and procedures to account for every eventuality imaginable, both at home and in public. Our highly professional staff are constantly kept up to date with the changing needs within the industry and are highly trained in many disciplines including self-defence, tactical driving, and foreign languages. Cutlass Security Group will give you the peace of mind to travel extensively, whether for business or pleasure, in safety and with a companion. We are available to assist with long and short term assignments for both corporate and private clients. We can work as covertly or overtly as you require to maintain the security needed in whatever the situation. We can also charter private aircraft as part of this service

The cutlass Mission Statement

To be recognised as the most effective Security and Support Services provider within the UK

An Introduction

The formation of Cutlass by a group of senior industry executives, was in direct response to an increasing market need for a professional Support Services company, which has a clear appreciation of customer requirements with a focus on providing high quality man-guarding operation, at an affordable cost.

Cutlass is a Construction line Gold Member, Member of the City security Council.

With increasing evidence of a shortage of quality provision from those customers who require a quality service, with a decreasing choice of quality organisations operating within the security industry, Cutlass believes itself to be in an excellent position to both offer and provide a reliable, high quality service, at a very affordable price.

Cutlass achieves this by gathering the knowledge and experience of its management team, to deliver bespoke solutions for its valued customers. Best practice, and a commitment to Continuous Service Improvement, are the hallmarks of the Cutlass approach. With an acute understanding of the importance to ensure value for money, Cutlass will also maintain overhead costs at an absolute minimum, only passing on costs to customers from which they will directly benefit.

Independent, experienced, and professional, Cutlass is perfectly positioned to provide customers with tailor-made security guarding (and related) services, on either a call-off one-off, or ongoing basis. The underlying philosophy will be one of Cutlass providing a bespoke service, through tangible improvements to the quality of service delivery whilst continuously seeking to reduce ongoing costs.

Our Business in a Snapshot

Cutlass Security Group Limited is made up of 3 Companies to help us fulfill all our customer requirements in a one stop solution.

Cutlass Security Group

Cutlass Security Group Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding Services.

Cutlass Support Services

To exceed all your workforce requirements for non SIA licence related work.

Cutlass Learning Academy

To train and prepare all our employees across the business to exceed your expectations.

The 7 Cutlass Principles of Excellent Customer Service Delivery

The 7 Cutlass principles of “Excellent Service Delivery” will underpin the delivery of best practice in support of the Cutlass philosophy as follows :

  • C Commitment To provide “Cutting Edge Security at a Sharp Price”
  • U Understanding An awareness of what is important to Cutlass customers
  • T Trust In everything that Cutlass does
  • L Leadership Providing the highest level of service delivery management
  • A Assurance Delivery of a consistent and reliable service
  • S Speed Delivery at Maximum speed, but with continuous attention to detail
  • S Surprise from “under promising, and over delivering” (The Cutlass Way)

These principles will act as the key pillars of the Cutlass Customer Service Strategy. This highlights how we at Cutlass will differentiate ourselves within the manned guarding industry.

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Recruiting Professionals Required


We are currently recruiting SIA Licenced Security Professionals and non SIA Licenced Support Service staff – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details to for all opportunities.

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